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How to delete your Facebook search history

How to delete your Facebook search history

We start our day with facebook and end our day with it too. People do lot of different activites in facebook. As mainly it is used to connect with your friends you end up searching for your long forgotten friend. Sometime people search in facebook comletely personal which they dont want others to see. But when ever you start clicking on the search bar it completely shows what you re searching and what you have searched. Then what should you do to delete all of your personal search?


Its simple follow these steps,

Step 1:

Login to you facebook account.

Step 2:

Click on the search bar that appears on the top left with magnifying icon. It drops down what ever you have searched before till now. You get a small edit button on the top left dropdown list right below the seach icon.


Image source: All Tech Tricks

Step 3:

With that it takes you to next settings tab like this,


Image source: All Tech Tricks

From this when you clik on the clear serch button it completely erases all your search history that you have done till now.

Step 4:

But if you want to erase only a perticular search that you have done. For every search you will be able to see a stop icon and a lock icon. If you click on the stop icon then you will see an option as delete. click on it and it erases that search.

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How to delete Facebook search History
Article Name
How to delete Facebook search History
We will explain the process of deleting search history of Facebook.

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