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Outlook gets a New Look and here is what you need to know

Outlook gets a New Look and here is what you need to know

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Microsoft is slowly changing the look and performance of its apps and sites. It completely changed the look of and it also mentioned that it is planning to migrate outlook to office365 soon. With the migration there are lots of new features adding to outlook and one of the major aspect that is targeted is email service.

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Outlook New look

Outlook New look

There are new 13 themes for outlook and will be rolled out to Outlook mobile and Windows 10 app soon. There are various folders that are being added that can arrange your inbox in neat and clean interface. It is also adding an automatic feature that allows your inbox to filter the neccessary emails that are important to you and will distribute the emails in separate folders depending on the importance.

The search is getting Better:

Microsoft also targets search functions in this new update and will include a highlight feature to show the most frequent people you email. It is adding filtering sections for search which will allow you to distinguish between sent, recieved, junk, drafts. In past Microsoft faced many troubles with its search issues and now it seems to find a solution for that in this major change over.

Add-ins are its way:

Microsoft is stepping into a new Era with Add-in’s that include many features like adding PayPal or Uber while composing a message. It helps you access the mailing service easily and secured and more such add-in’s are about to add said Microsoft. It is also trying to intigrate Skype chat to mailing list which will help users find easy to handle Skype and mails at a time. Even Ondrive files are included as links which allows you to save some time in searching Onedrive.

Outlook new looks

Outlook new looks

Calendar is changing but with only minor changes said Microsoft. There are few new filters added to Calendar and it will allow you to search better at Calendar events and will make things easier for you. These all new features will be added today but will be available only for selected groups to take a review and make chnages for a final release.

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